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    Understand your bill

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    Understand your bill

    Understanding your electric bill can help you better manage your energy usage and costs.


    Keeping you informed of changes

    As part of AES Indiana's Regulatory Rate Review approved by the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission, an additional line item — the customer charge — now appears under the summary charges section of your bill. Please note that while the customer charge is now separately displayed on your bill, it is not a new charge.


    What is a customer charge?

    It's a basic fee customers pay for their electric service and covers a portion of the fixed costs of maintaining and keeping account records active, including data processing, meter reading and billing.


    Visit the How to Read Your Monthly Bill page below to see how this appears on your bill.

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    How to read your monthly bill

    View a diagram to understand the parts of your AES Indiana bill.

    Monthly bill inserts

    Throughout the year, AES Indiana customers often find a bill insert or Smarter, Together — AES Indiana's customer newsletter — in their monthly bill.

    Bill calculators

    Use our bill calculation spreadsheets to better understand the AES Indiana charges that make up your residential or commercial bill.

    Rates & tariffs

    Rates, rules and regulations for electric service

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