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    People moving boxes

    Setting up or changing AES Indiana service is quick and easy.

    Start, stop or transfer service

    For homes

    Family home moving

    Place your moving service request

    For businesses

    business moving

    Learn what information we will need when you call to place your moving service request

    Welcome home

    View your AES Indiana customer information handbook.

    New construction

    Let us help you navigate your new construction project

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    Get your account. Then manage it online.

    Once you have an AES Indiana account number, you're ready to take control of your account online. Setup is quick and easy, you just need your account number and zip code.

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    Manage your energy

    With an AES Indiana online account, you can compare your energy use to your neighbors, see how you’re trending, and see how you can save money. You can also support renewable energy by enrolling in the green power option.

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