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    Bill payment scams

    Person viewing a tablet of their bill
    Bill payment scams

    Be aware of bill payment scams 


    Utility customers are being taken in by identity theft and debit card schemes.


    AES Indiana has received numerous customer reports about a payment scam where customers reported they've been contacted by someone claiming to represent AES Indiana and indicating that their electric service would be disconnected if they did not immediately provide payment information.

    Scammers use sophisticated tactics. Sometimes they make AES Indiana's phone number appear on the called ID, even when the call DOES NOT come from AES Indiana.

    AES Indiana would like to remind customers of our process for requesting and receiving customer information for billing purposes:

    • If AES Indiana does call a customer, our representative will have specific and accurate information related to the customer's billing and account.
    • If AES Indiana employees or contractors visit your home or business, they will carry an AES Indiana identification badge.
    • AES Indiana does not require or strongly recommend a specific payment method or type. We offer a variety of payment options so customers can select the one that best suits them.
      • Be on alert especially if someone demands payment by pre-paid debit (often referred to as "Greendot"), or Bitcoin, a type of cryptocurrency. 
    • AES Indiana also reminds customers not to provide personal information or comply with requests for payments unless they are confident with whom they are speaking to.
    • AES Indiana also warns customers to be aware of their personal safety and only make payments in person at our Customer Service Center located at 2102 N. Illinois Street or at an authorized pay agent.

    Customers are asked to notify AES Indiana if they receive a call and are unsure that the caller is truly an AES Indiana employee. Please call AES Indiana at 317-261-8222 for residential customers or 317-261-8444 if you're a business customer to verify any questions you may have related to AES Indiana bill payment and collection.

      If you suspect you have been impacted by a scam, please call your local police department's non-emergency number immediately to report it.

      Please be aware that this is an industry-wide problem that has affected many utilities across the country. AES Indiana is working with authorities to stop this unauthorized activity. 

      Protect yourself against scams


      If you receive a call and are unsure that the caller is truly an AES Indiana employee, you can call AES Indiana at 317-261-8222 for residential customers or 317-261-8444 if you're a business customer to verify any questions you may have related to AES Indiana bill payment and collection.

      Help stop scams

        You can help stop scams by completing our anonymous Help stop scams form. 

        AES Indiana is working with local law enforcement agencies by collecting anonymous information from customers about their experience with a scam or scam attempt. This survey does not take the place of an official police report. If you believe you have been a victim of a scam or scam attempt, verify your account information by calling the AES Indiana Customer Service and contact your local law enforcement agency for a police report.


        Thank you for sharing your experience.

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