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    Advanced Meters

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    Discover the benefits of Advanced Meters

    Options for AES Indiana customers

    AES Indiana is installing Advanced Metering Infrastructure ("AMI") smart meters as part of its recently approved revAMP program, which is an initiative to improve reliability, infrastructure and customer experience by investing in the electric grid. AMI smart meters allow AES Indiana to remotely access electric energy usage and provide greater clarity on consumption behavior to both the customer and the company. 


    Discover Advanced meter benefits 

    By creating a better communicating electrical grid, Advanced meters help better manage and understand the electrical needs of our customers. With Advanced meter-enabled tools, you can understand exactly how you use energy to help reduce and control your monthly bill. Advanced meters provide the following benefits:

    • More reliable service: Advanced meters provide communication between AES Indiana and the electric grid. This two-way communication allows us to quickly identify outages and resolve other service problems, typically without visiting your home or business. This also allows AES Indiana to connect services remotely.
    • Detailed history of energy use and costs: You can get an online, detailed history of your energy use and costs, up to the previous day. View your daily electric consumption, and then compare your energy use to last week or even last year. You can use this valuable information to make smart energy choices.
    • Additional pricing plan options for better control of your energy costs

    What's the difference between an Advanced meter and a non-communicating digital meter?

      Advanced meter Opt-out with non-communicating digital meter
    View your daily energy use Yes No
    Outage detection Yes No
    Remotely connecting your service Yes No
    Additional setup charge Free $48
    Additional monthly charge Free $20 per meter*


    AES Indiana customers have options: 

    • AES Indiana customers will have an Advanced meter installed at no cost to the customer.
    • If an eligible customer elects to opt out of having an AMI smart meter, AES Indiana technicians will install a non-communicating digital meter with all communications systems disabled. Through December 31, 2021, customers who opt out can choose between to participate in the Company-read or Self-read option.
    • Company Read: This option will allow customers to have their non-communicating digital meter read by AES Indiana on a monthly basis for a $20 monthly charge.  This option also requires the $48 one-time setup charge.
    • *Self-Read: Through December 31, 2021, customers may sign up to self-report their own usage from the non-communicating digital meter. By opting to Self-read, the Customer accepts the responsibility to provide accurate and timely readings to AES Indiana, by entering their usage into a designated website portal, or by utilizing AES Indiana’s Interactive Voice Response (“IVR”) system. Self-read Customers must provide a timely monthly reading on the scheduled read date (or within three [3] days prior) as reflected on their billing statement, or their usage will be estimated. If a Self-read Customer fails to provide a timely meter read three times in a twelve-month period, the customer will be removed from the Self-read program and default to the Company-read, AMI Opt-Out tariff provision, with the corresponding charges. If a customer’s reported usage deviates greater than 5% of the amount recorded during an annual audit, the customer will be removed from the Self-read program and default to the Company-read, AMI Opt-Out tariff provision going forward, with the corresponding charges. At the time a customer is removed from the Self-read program, the customer will be given the option to have an AMI meter installed at no cost. The Self-Read option has no recurring monthly charge. This option also requires the $48 one-time setup charge.


    Want to opt out of your AMI smart meter?

    Access the Opt-out application. You must complete the application and submit to AES Indiana via USPS or email. 

    Submit your completed application vis USPS to: 

    AES Indiana AMI Opt-out Program
    2102 N. Illinois St.
    Indianapolis, IN 46202 

    Or submit your completed application via email to:

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