Prescriptive rebates

Get cash back on energy-efficient equipment

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Custom incentives

Earn up to $1,000,000 per custom or new construction project

Midstream incentives

AES Indiana offers instant discounts for qualifying equipment.

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Strategic Energy Management

Get training and support to help your business move toward sustainability by reducing energy costs and greenhouse emissions.

More ways to save

Boost profits and performance with energy efficient improvements


RCx incentives are designed for quick implementation and rapid return on investment.

Small business direct install

AES Indiana helps your small business reduce energy costs with a complimentary energy assessment and the installation of no-cost, energy efficient products.

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CoolCents® air conditioning management

CoolCents makes it possible to use less energy in the summer while staying comfortable and in control – and you get paid for it!

Multi-family direct install

AES Indiana will install free energy-saving products in residential multi-family communities.

Clean Energy Navigator

Free personalized insights to save you time, money and energy are a click away.


Green power

Have all or part of your monthly usage generated by an environmentally friendly, renewable resource.

Customer opt-out

Eligible commercial and industrial customers may opt out of AES Indiana's energy efficiency programs.