To report a streetlight or security light that is out, on all the time, or cycling on and off, please complete and submit the appropriate online form below or call 317-261-8111.

For other questions about these types of lights, or to check on the status of a report submitted more than two weeks ago, please call us at 317-261-8653 or send an email from our contact us form.

In most instances, AES Indiana is able to complete appropriate repairs to outdoor lights within 10 business days or approximately two weeks. However, there may be occasions and/or lighting ownership circumstances that may prohibit effective repairs within this suggested timeframe. We sincerely appreciate your patience while we work to complete your reported light outage.

Public safety:

 Please call us directly at 317-261-8111 to report lighting issues associated with public safety such as a light or light pole that has fallen or been seriously damaged, or exposed wires at a light pole base.

Please provide as much detail as you can in the fields below.

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Located on the pole, 6-8 feet high
Describe the location of the light that is out or damaged. Please provide as much detail as possible so we can locate and repair the light.