AES Indiana Day in the Parks

AES Indiana employees provide people power to enhance parks

Our people are our power, and on this day they come together to help revitalize parks in the communities in which they live and serve. Work typically includes:

  • Planting trees following Right Tree, Right Place guidelines
  • Repainting murals
  • Mulching playgrounds
  • Repairing and/or removing fencing
  • Painting benches, picnic tables, parking lot lines, basketball courts and shelter houses
  • Trimming brush around walking/bike trails
  • Resetting benches/signage across the parks with new concrete
  • Building new benches to be installed at a later time
  • Planting and landscaping

More than 400 people typically participate in the community service projects. Why do they do it? “Being a member of the community, we all have an obligation to help make Indianapolis an exemplary city. It’s just the right thing to do,” said Mark Low, a millwright at Harding Street Station who has served each year as a team captain for AES Indiana Day in the Parks.

AES Indiana Day in the Parks is held in conjunction with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful and the Indianapolis Parks Foundation.