Beneath the streets of downtown Indianapolis is a complex system of transformers, cables and control equipment that make up the underground network. AES Indiana’s underground facilities are also joined by infrastructure from other utilities, including steam, water, natural gas, storm and sanitary sewer, fiber optics, cable TV and telecommunications. This complex infrastructure serves more than 2,600 customers with power. AES Indiana’s skilled underground technicians work every day to maintain a safe and reliable network.   

AES Indiana takes steps year-round to inspect and maintain our downtown network. The protective initiatives we’ve put in place include inspections of manholes every three years and vaults every two years. In 2015, AES Indiana completed installation of locking manhole covers in the downtown area. These covers are designed to pop up only a few inches if there is ever an over-pressurization incident in a manhole. 

The safety of our community, customers and employees remains AES Indiana’s top priority. We cannot completely eliminate the risk of incidents occurring where there is underground electrical infrastructure. However, we are committed to taking the necessary actions to reduce the likelihood and impact of any future occurrences.