Homeowners groups have expressed interest in placing decorative banners on AES Indiana streetlight columns. To avoid potential injury to passersby and damage to the columns, the specific guidelines below must be followed.

  • Banners should be no larger than 2 ½ feet wide by 6 feet long with a minimum of 20 semicircular slits each. The bottom support should be mounted at 16 feet and the top support should be a maximum of 22 feet above the sidewalk.
  • All brackets and mounting hardware should be stainless steel or aluminum to prevent rust from staining the columns. All brackets placed on painted columns should be painted to match the columns. The surface of the column should not be penetrated when installing mounting hardware. Banding is the only approved method of attachment. For safety reasons, banners cannot be placed on fiberglass composite columns or decorative columns (only round aluminum or steel columns on concrete bases).

Before any banner, sign or other item is mounted to AES Indiana streetlight columns, the requesting party or organization should submit a detailed drawing with the dimensions of the item(s) to their AES Indiana lighting representative, who can be contacted at 317-261-8653.

The requesting party shall enter into an indemnity agreement with AES Indiana to defend and hold harmless AES Indiana from any loss, cost, damage or expense, including attorney fees, occasioned by any claim, lawsuit or cause of action arising out of, in any way, the placing of banners, signs or other items on AES Indiana streetlight columns.

The requesting party or organization will acknowledge that they must reimburse AES Indiana for all costs to repair, replace or otherwise make whole, any streetlight column damaged by the placement of signs, banners or other items. AES Indiana may remove the aforementioned items without notice.

If you have any questions or are unsure if a column is fiberglass, call 317-261-8653 or send an email from the contact us form.