Make energy efficiency a New Year’s resolution

January 9, 2023


As we kick off the New Year, resolutions are always a trending topic. Rather than resolve to eat healthier, get organized and be more patient, I’m going to do something totally different: Make energy efficiency a New Year’s resolution. After all, the energy efficiency team sits outside my office, so I hear them talk about saving energy and money and helping the environment. I can resolve to do that – we all can.

So, I asked the team if they were to make energy efficiency a New Year’s resolution, what would that look like for them?

  • My energy resolution is to more effectively use the home/away features of my smart thermostat so that it can adjust the temperature when no one is at home. According to the Department of Energy, there is about a 3% energy savings for each degree of temperature adjustment. – Adam Hammond, Program Manager
  • In 2023, my resolution will be to improve the use of innovative technology to lower the energy usage at my home. I can even track my progress with AES Indiana's Home Energy Reports. And AES Ohio customers can view and download up to 24 months of usage history detailsIt’s time to walk the walk. – Christine Thompson, Program Manager

Here are three things I resolve to do this year

  • Seal air leaks around my doors and windows. Nothing like this past winter storm and gusting winds to feel where we have leaks around the house.
  • Change my filters every three months. The Department of Energy reports that replacing dirty filters with clean air filters can reduce your energy consumption up to 15%.
  • Lower my temperature before leaving the house. I don’t have a Smart Thermostat (yet), but I can manually adjust my temperature before leaving the house and going to bed. Did you know you can save as much as 10% a year on your heating bill by simply turning your thermostat back 10% to 15% for eight hours?

Of the 41% of people who make a resolution, only 9% will be successful by the end of the year. I must admit, my New Year’s resolutions usually don’t stick, but maybe these will. I’ll find a way, either through a blog or a social media post, to keep you updated (and to keep me accountable and more energy efficient)!

Oh, and another New Year’s, work-related resolution is to manage this blog. I’ve resolved to work with a great team of writers to bring you two dozen blog posts in 2023! Check back regularly and follow us on social media for new posts throughout the year.