People Behind Your Power: Jose Gregorio De Sousa Costa

The people behind your power are people just like you. We live, work and play in Central Indiana. We have families, pets, hobbies, and quirks. We volunteer and strive to make a difference. We are also a part of a dedicated team focused on powering your essential needs.

Meet Jose Gregorio De Sousa Costa, Renewable Energy Project Senior Manager for AES Indiana. Jose plays a critical role in spearheading the development and execution of renewable energy initiatives for the company. For the past two years, Jose has been focusing his energy on projects including Hardy Hills (195 MW Solar Farm), Petersburg Energy Center (250 MW solar Farm) and Pike County Energy Storage (200 MW battery project). Jose has been with AES Indiana for two years and nine years with AES.

Here’s more about Jose:

  • Jose was born in Venezuela and his family is from Portugal. Prior to coming to Indiana, he was at AES Panama leading several construction projects as well as development and construction work for renewable projects in Panama and Puerto Rico. He was looking for new opportunities within growing markets and was able to transfer to Indiana.
  • Growing up, Jose was torn between being a news reporter or an engineer. Lucky for us, he chose the path of an engineer.
  • Jose and his family have adapted well to the people and new cultures. Jose and his family are “obsessed” with soccer. Both of his boys play soccer. His 15-year-old plays for the Indy Eleven Pro Academy. Jose credits his U.S. geography to all the driving he does with his boys and their travel soccer team on the weekends.
  • Jose's passion for his work stems from his involvement in significant infrastructure projects, which he views as his contribution to leaving a lasting legacy. Seeing the progress of these projects and their impact on serving and powering communities through renewable initiatives fuels his dedication.
  • If Jose had a superpower, he would build bridges between ideas, people and actions by intuitively knowing who to enlist and ask for help.
  • What three words does Jose use to describe himself? Empathetic, determined and focused.
  • Jose confessed that he recently binged the movie: The Boys in the Boat, a 1930s-set story centered on the University of Washington's rowing team, from their Depression-era beginnings to winning gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.
  • Jose left us with this piece of advice: Always think about context. Any reaction, response, or effect can always be different if you understand the facts around it before you react!

To learn more about some of the work Jose does and AES Indiana’s power generation, visit: