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    Damage claims

    Hands during a meeting Damage claims

    From time to time, forces of nature and other factors can interrupt service and cause damage to a home or business.

    In these cases, AES Indiana is not responsible for reimbursing a claim. In many instances, damage is more likely to be covered by a home owner's, or other type of insurance policy.

    Please note, AES Indiana is not responsible for any damage loss or injury caused by:

    • Accidents
    • Equipment Failure
    • Riots
    • Fires
    • Loss or fluctuation of voltage, including single phasing
    • Breakdowns
    • Short circuits
    • Vandalism
    • Flood
    • Any cause beyond the control of the Company
    • Line failure
    • Explosion
    • Nature (storms, lighting, animals, etc.)
    • Strikes


    AES Indiana evaluates claims on a case-by-case basis in a fair and professional manner. Determination of any compensatory award is based upon factual detail and in accordance with tariffs and guidelines on file with the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC).

    Continuity of Service (Rule 23.3 and Rule 24.2)

    In our “Rates, Rules and Regulations for Electric Service” on file with the IURC, Rule 23.2 states: ”...If the Customer is installing sensitive electronic equipment which requires a continuous power supply, it is his responsibility to provide for this need...” Rule 24.2 states: “The Company shall not be liable for damages resulting to the Customer, or to third persons, from the use of electricity, interruption of service or supply, or the presence of the Company’s property on the Customer’s premises, unless due to willful default or neglect on the part of the Company.”


    How to file a claim

    1. Download the claims form below

    The form must be signed by the person filing the claim. 

    For best results, open the PDF in Adobe Reader to fill out, print and save the form.

    2. Return the completed form to AES Indiana

    We offer three options to submit your claims form:

    • Email (preferred method):
    • Fax: 317-261-5122
    • US Mail: 1230 W. Morris St. Indianapolis, IN 46221

    IMPORTANT: For claims greater than $50, be sure to attach any supporting documents such as sales receipts, estimates and invoices to your email. Or, include copies with your fax or in your mail envelope.

      3. Upon completion of your investigation, an AES Indiana representative will contact you in writing or by phone

      CSR Alan

      Contact us

      If you have a question, we're here to help. Please call 317-261-8300 or send us an email. Please note, if you feel you have suffered a loss related to:

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