Your one-stop resource for technical requirements to guide planning and installation of electric service.

The Electric Service & Meter Manual, known as The Goldbook, is intended for the use of electrical contractors, engineers, architects and others in the planning or installation of electric services and metering facilities on AES Indiana’s system. The Electric Service & Meter Manual is not intended as an instruction manual for untrained persons. This manual establishes rules and regulations as well as the latest practices in service installations. In the event conditions arise which are not specifically covered in this manual, AES Indiana shall be consulted to determine the applicable requirements.

AES Indiana reserves the right to review and approve the design and layout of all new electrical service facilities to be connected to the power system in order to assure the customer’s equipment is compatible with the company’s design standards and will not in any way diminish continuity of service to its customers.

All of the customer’s electrical installations shall conform to the requirements of local ordinances and inspection authorities as well as rules and regulations of AES Indiana, as approved by the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission. All installations shall be approved by the authority having jurisdiction before connection to power is made. Previous editions of the Electric Service & Meter Manual referenced the National Electrical Code. However, this edition references the Indiana Electrical Code, which is the National Electrical Code as adopted by the State of Indiana with amendments.