We’re changing how we use energy to change our climate future.

Together with Google, we’re expanding our collaboration so that everyone – from businesses to individual energy users like you – can accelerate a greener, smarter energy future.

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24/7 carbon-free energy sets the new leading standard in sustainability

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Grid virtualization technologies are building a modern and green network for all.

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Nest Renew makes it easy to support a clean energy future, right from home.

How we work better together.


AES, Google and Uplight partner together to increase the broad adoption of clean energy through new technologies tailored to utilities and their customers.

Uplight, the leading technology provider to 80+ utilities and 100 million+ residential customers, developed the Plus mobile app to deliver customers’ energy usage and billing information through a personalized, simple and digital platform at our utilities, AES Indiana and AES Ohio, and other leading utilities.

Google announces Nest Renew to allow utility customers to better understand and control their energy usage and provide flexible options to prioritize carbon-free electricity use with their heating and cooling, broadening the reach and impact through our utility partnerships through Uplight.

AES supports development of new carbon-free energy projects to meet increasing demand from utilities and residential customers across the U.S.


Learn more about how we’re working better together to improve lives.

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Transform the way we power our world

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Power the customer energy experience and motivate utility customers into action

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Reinvent solar energy from the ground up