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    indianapolis canal

    Leading the world’s transition to greener, smarter energy, right here in Indianapolis.

    The most reliable and sustainable energy, which also happens to be the most affordable energy, is ready right here, right now with renewable digital technology. That means you we can help power your homes and your businesses in the most innovative ways, while also focusing on ensuring a better future for all of us.

    AES Indiana

    Staying true to our values

    AES Icon for Safety First: grey hard hat image intersected with half-circle of AES colors

    Safety First

    Safety is at the core of everything we do. We always identify potential risks to our people, contractors, customers, partners and communities, and measure success by how safely we conduct our work together while contributing to a greener energy future.

    Highest Standards

    Highest Standards

    We act with utmost integrity towards our people, contractors, customers, partners and communities, and hold the solutions we deliver together to global standards of excellence.

    All Together

    All Together

    We work as one team across our business and with our people, contractors, customers, partners and communities. We meet changing customer needs with agility and have fun solving meaningful challenges as a team.

    Our people are passionate about meeting your current and future energy needs.

    Jessica Franklin

    Team Leader, System Operations

    "I’m proud to be a member of the AES family because we support each other. Regardless of our team assignments, we all come together to get the job done. Under a united brand I hope that our family will celebrate diversity while creating an environment for inclusion."

    McKinley “Mac” Gillis

    Meter Reader

    "The people are the best people to work with and the pay is good, too. I started with the company October 15, 1965, just a “few years” ago. There were trials and tribulations along the way. But you know, come to find out the people here are just like me. The company as a whole has made working conditions good, comfortable and safe."

    woman smiling

    Lanika Sullivan-McCamby

    Customer Credit Representative

    “I am proud to be a member of the AES family because, even with the current crisis, we have been able to unite as one team, be here for our customers, and provide excellent service. As we unite under one brand, I hope to see our company continue to work together to win together.” 

    woman's face

    Leontee Nunnally

    Team Leader, Contact Center

    “I am proud to be a member of the AES family because I feel valued and respected as an employee. I love that AES celebrates and supports diversity in all aspects. In addition, I am proud and I believe in the vision of the company. As we unite under one brand I hope to see continued success, strong customer relationships, strong unity among employees, departments, and senior leadership.  I hope to also see employees feel proud of the work they do and know the difference they make under this one brand! I love my company!”

    Indianapolis monument circle building

    Investing in new technology


    With a revitalized grid, we can now pinpoint the location and cause of issues in our infrastructure. This operational efficiency provides us with a better assessment to know what and who it takes to resolve any outage issues.

    What does this mean for me?

    Why is the name changing to AES Indiana?

    Indianapolis Power & Light has more than 100 years of experience delivering safe, reliable and affordable power to our customers. AES acquired IPL in 2001, but IPL retained its name.  We are now changing our name to better reflect the global resources, expertise, innovation and technology that benefit our customers as the company works to create reliable, greener, and smarter energy solutions.

    The new name, AES Indiana, comes with a new logo that retains some of IPL’s familiar colors to illustrate our history and our commitment to continue providing safe, reliable and affordable power to our customers. 

    We are accelerating the future of energy, together.


    Will there be a new website?

    Yes. The new website is, please remember to bookmark this as one of your favorites. Rest assured, if you type or link to you will be redirected to the new site.

    How will changing the name of the company impact my service?

    As we transition from IPL to AES Indiana, customers will not experience any disruption in their service.  We focused on minimizing any impact on our customers, including your service and payment options. We are still committed to the highest standard of safety, reliability, service and value and will continue to deliver safe, reliable and sustainable energy.

    Will the phone numbers change?

    Customers will continue to use the same numbers as they do today to reach us. 

    Lights Out Day or Night Line (Residential and Business)

    317-261-8111 (Available 24/7)

    Residential Customer Service Line

    888-261-8222 or 317-261-8222

    8 AM to 5 PM, Monday-Friday. Closed weekends.

    Business Customer Service Line


    8 AM to 5 PM, Monday-Friday. Closed weekends.


    Additional contact phone numbers:

    • General Business Office: 317-261-8261
    • Commercial and Industrial Service: 317-261-8444
    • Shareholder Services: 317-261-8394

    Regular business hours: 8 AM- 5 PM, Monday through Friday. 


    Vision Impaired

    To request a Braille bill or large-print service please call 317-261-8222

    Hearing Impaired

    Contact AES Indiana through Relay Indiana at 1-800-743-3333


    Do I need to set up a new online account?

    No, if you currently have an online account. You will be access able to your account from new AES Indiana home page or click on MyAES in the navigation bar at the top of the page.

    Will the way I pay my bill change? E-Bill and Kubra.

    No. Customers will be able to pay their bills exactly as they do now, with options including online, over-the-phone and through pay agents.

    Who do I make my check payable to when I pay my bill?

    Checks should be made payable to AES Indiana. If a customer forgets and makes their check payable to, Indianapolis Power & Light or IPL, the check will still be processed as a bill payment to your account.

    Will my bill look different?

    Yes, although it may take a couple of months for the changes to take effect. While the layout of the bill statement will remain the same, it will have our new name, AES Indiana and website, plus reflect the colors associated with our new brand.

    Will my account number, budget billing or auto-payment change?

    No, all customer account numbers will remain the same.

    Who will I get my electricity from?

    AES Indiana will continue to generate and deliver reliable electric service to your home or business.  AES Indiana will maintain and repair the poles and wires in your area and if you experience a power outage, contact us online or by phone.

    Who will restore my power if I experience an outage?

    Even though our name has changed, our commitment to the highest standard of safety, reliability, service and value has not. AES Indiana will continue to serve the customers in their service territory during an outage.


    What are the ways we are communicating the new name and brand to the community?

    Beginning February 24, 2021, AES Indiana customers and the community will receive several communications that will highlight this exciting time in our company’s history.  Our customers will first see our new brand, AES Indiana, reflected on our website, digital communications and advertising. Throughout the rest of the year, our company vehicles, bill statements and exterior building signage will be updated with our new brand. 

    We promise to keep our customers informed about the new brand through regular communications. We will share how we are working to meet customers’ future energy needs and explain the innovative ways we will interact with our customers. In addition, customers will continue to see our company represented in the community.

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