Save up to $725 on home improvements. And save on your energy bill.

You can increase your comfort while reducing your energy usage by making energy-efficient home improvements. A simple tune-up to your heating and cooling system or an upgrade in your attic insulation could make a big difference in keeping your home’s temperature consistent while also saving you money, especially if you take advantage of AES Indiana’s home improvement rebates & discounts.

How it works

  • Contact a member of AES Indiana’s Quality Contractor Network to see if you qualify for any of the following rebates or instant discounts.
  • After your contractor has completed your energy-efficient home improvements, they'll either submit a rebate application for you or apply the rebate as an instant discount on your invoice.
  • If applicable, we'll mail your rebate check to you in 4-6 weeks. No paperwork, no hassle!

Who qualifies?

  • AES Indiana residential customers
  • Customers must work with a member of AES Indiana’s Quality Contractor Network to be eligible for rebates
  • Qualifying upgrades must meet the efficiency ratings outlined below


Efficiency rating


Instant discount**

A/C tune-up




Air source heat pump tune-up




Heat pump water heater




Central A/C

SEER = 16; SEER2 15.2 - < 16.1

SEER = 17; SEER2 16.15 - < 17.1

SEER = 18+; SEER2 >= 17.1





Air source heat pump

SEER = 16; SEER2 15.2 - < 16.15

SEER = 17; SEER2 16.15 - < 17.1

SEER = 18+; SEER2 >= 17.1





Mini-split heat pump

19 SEER - 9.5 HSPF;  HSPF2 >= 8.55

21 SEER - 10 HSPF;  HSPF2 >= 9

23+ SEER - 10 HSPF;  HSPF2 >= 9





Attic insulation***

R-12 to R-49


$0.325 per square foot

$0.425 per square foot


* Must use a member of our Quality Contractor Network. Please allow 4-6 weeks after the contractor has submitted the application to receive your rebate check.

** Ask your contractor if they participate in this program. Participating contractors will deduct the AES Indiana rebate as an instant discount to you on their invoice.

*** To be eligible, heat type must be electric.

Quality Contractor Network

Members of our Quality Contractor Network must meet strict standards for quality, safety and customer service. They are trained to submit rebate applications on your behalf, saving you the time and hassle of paperwork. Many of these contractors also participate in our instant discount rebate offers too.