AES Indiana strives to provide a place of employment that is free from recognized hazards and one that meets or exceeds governmental regulations regarding occupational health and safety. AES Indiana considers occupational health and safety a fundamental value of the organization and is a key performance indicator of the overall success of the company.

AES Indiana's ultimate objective is that each day all AES Indiana people, contractors, and the public we serve return home to their family, friends, and community free from harm. AES Indiana believes this objective can be obtained with the active participation of all AES Indiana people in the safety process.

Ethics and compliance

AES Indiana strives to create ethical working relationships both internally and with our stakeholders. We believe it is our duty and responsibility to conduct business with the highest level of integrity, ethics and compliance in all situations, and we support the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Human Rights Policy).

Our ethics and compliance program defines our business practices and corporate expectations worldwide. Our code of conduct encourages internal and external stakeholders to bring matters of concern to the company’s attention for prompt resolution. Our people and our stakeholders are empowered with a strong sense of ownership and accountability for their work, and we fully expect each person to adhere to our corporate values as described in the code of conduct.

Equal employment opportunity and non-discrimination policy statement

The company is committed to a policy of equal employment opportunity for all applicants and employees. In this regard, all employment decisions will be made without regard to race, color, gender, sex, religion, national origin, age, disability, veteran’s status, or (in the case of U.S. citizens or intending citizens) citizenship. This policy applies to all employment practices and procedures including, but not limited to, recruitment, placement, promotion, demotion or transfer, termination, compensation and benefits, Company-sponsored training and educational, social and recreational programs. In addition, the Company will not tolerate any discriminatory employment practice or procedure by anyone, including co-workers, supervisors, customers and visitors.

Policy prohibiting sexual and other forms of harassment

The company is committed to a strict policy prohibiting all forms of harassment, including sexual harassment. Unlawful harassment adversely impacts the morale and productivity of an employer’s most valuable asset, its employees. In addition, state and federal laws protect employees from sexual and other forms of actionable harassment. In order to ensure a safe and pleasant working environment for all of its employees, the company strictly prohibits, without exception, sexual harassment or other forms of harassment based upon an employee’s race, color, gender, sex, religion, national origin, age, disability, veteran’s status, and (in the case of U.S. citizens or intending citizens) citizenship.


A cornerstone of AES Indiana’s culture is respect, respect for every individual regardless of race, gender, nationality, religion, disability or any other cultural factor. Our organization seeks to encourage individuals to contribute to our success and create an environment in which all employees are mentored, valued and motivated to their fullest potential.

At AES Indiana, diversity is valued through numerous programs which position the company as an employer of choice, a business partner of choice and a good corporate citizen.

AES Indiana works to attract diverse job applicants through extensive recruitment efforts and relationships with minority professional organizations, colleges and universities, vocational schools and community outreach activities.

Drug free workplace

AES Indiana is committed to ensuring a workplace which is free from drugs and the negative effects of drug use. AES Indiana is also committed to providing a safe and productive work environment. We expect our employees to report to work each day fit to perform their jobs. To meet these objectives, as well as our obligations under applicable federal and state laws, we must take a firm and positive stand against substance abuse. This policy is intended to ensure a drug-free work environment for the benefit of our employees and customers.

Volunteer policy

AES Indiana encourages its employees to participate in community service activities. Volunteers improve the quality of life within their community and by participating in these events, provide opportunities to build relationships with other employees and leaders within the community. AES Indiana volunteers create a stronger, healthier and more beautiful place to live while representing AES Indiana as a model corporate citizen.