Energy savings at school is cool

AES Indiana is helping schools to use their knowledge to the fullest. From upgrading common appliances in areas like kitchens or HVAC systems, to improving energy usage across the campus, AES Indiana gives educational facilities more time for hitting the books and less time to worry about where energy is going to waste.

Contact an outreach specialist today to learn about energy efficient rebates and incentives that may be available for your school.

Exclusive limited-time bonus rebate offer for K-12 facilities through July 7, 2024.

Improve the year-round comfort of your staff and students and spend less time worrying about costly breakdowns or disruptions from older, less efficient equipment. Upgrade your facility’s equipment with qualifying central A/C systems, heat pumps and energy-efficient appliances with a 20% bonus rebate on top of our standard rebates on qualifying equipment. Qualifying equipment included in the bonus rebate offer include:

  • Qualifying heat pumps
  • New central A/C systems*
    Receive a 20 percent bonus rebate on a smart thermostat when paired with a qualifying, new HVAC system rebate*
  • Qualifying appliances including refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers and ice machines when you install two or more qualifying appliances.


Common energy-savings projects for K-12 facilities
  • Appliance upgrades. Replace old, inefficient clothes washers or dryers, ovens, fryers, steam cookers, griddles, dishwashers, ice machines or more to save an average of $1,582 per year.
  • HVAC optimizations. Replacing existing equipment with high-efficiency options like programmable or smart thermostats, variable frequency drives (VFDs), water or air-cooled chillers, air source heat pumps or water source heat pumps to save an average up to $1,300 per year.
  • Lighting upgrades. Upgrading interior or exterior lighting with energy-efficient LEDs and occupancy sensors could save facilities an average of $2,570 per year.
  • Block heaters. Reduce waste by installing a block heater engine warmer control system for buses.
  • Data centers. Optimize energy consumption in data centers or server rooms


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*Energy savings calculated at an estimated utility rate of $0.09/kWh