Memories, powered by AES Indiana

June 12, 2023


AES Indiana is proud to introduce Memories, powered by AES Indiana, a campaign focusing on the importance electricity plays in creating and preserving memories while also highlighting the need for energy efficiency and sustainability.

Electricity allows all of us to reminisce about old memories and power new ones. I’m proud to work for a company that allows me to make new memories, powered by AES Indiana, and I look forward to reading your memories, too. Here are a few of my favorite memories, powered by AES Indiana:

Streetlights calling me home
“Be home by the time the streetlights come on!” When I was growing up in the 1990s, streetlights were our cell phones. We knew the minute those lights came on, we better hop on our bikes and hustle back home so we didn’t get in trouble with our parents. Capture the Flag would have to wait until the next night. 

The smells, sounds and feelings of the holidays
Making Christmas cookies is one of my favorite holiday traditions. My parents, my three siblings and I did this together when I was growing up. I’ve since passed the tradition on to baking with my kids. The smell of Snickerdoodles coming out of the oven, the sound of everyone arguing because they’ve been around each other all day and the feeling of the hot kitchen because the stove was on all day are baked in my memories, powered by AES Indiana. 

Lighting the way for baseball games and family time 
Both of my younger brothers played travel baseball their whole lives. My dad was also heavily involved in running little league for third to eighth graders for several years. During baseball season, my family spent what felt like almost all night at Wodock Field in Carmel. We’d get there early to help my dad turn the scoreboards on and make popcorn to prepare for the people like me who loved to eat popcorn during the games. We’d stay late sometimes to watch games under the lights, swatting away mosquitos and listening to the crack of the bats and parents cheering their kids on. Those late-night games were so much fun and made great memories, powered by AES Indiana.  

Lasting memories powered by AES Indiana
Now that I’m older, I can appreciate how energy played such a significant role in my memories. I had no idea when I was 8 years old just how much electricity it took to light up four baseball fields. I didn’t think about how much power it took to have our oven going for 10 hours, just to make some peanut butter blossoms. I thought the streetlights in the neighborhood were there “just because.” I also never considered how our homeowner’s association had them installed, nor how they were paid for by the neighbors to keep kids safe, all because they cared about us.  

Tell us about your favorite memories powered by AES Indiana

Over the months ahead, you can win prizes just by sharing your memories and how electricity helped power them. Submit your favorite memory, like the ones I shared above, along with a picture and / or a video on our website. We’re giving away monthly prizes and posting your stories throughout the campaign.  

You can also follow us on social media to read the stories and engage with our team. Use the hashtag #PoweringYourPurpose. 

kelli zuber

Kelli Zuber

Communications Manager