97 percent of streetlight conversion complete; new installations will continue in coming years

Mayor Joe Hogsett, AES Indiana mark Operation Night Light milestone

July 26, 2021

Just over three years since Mayor Joe Hogsett joined AES Indiana to launch Operation Night Light, the partners marked the near completion of the goal to convert thousands of streetlights around Marion County neighborhoods to high-efficiency LED fixtures.

“We are excited to celebrate this important milestone in the history of Operation Night Light,” said Mayor Joe Hogsett. “There are few other City programs that offer so many benefits at once: this program enhances the safety of our neighborhoods, improves the efficiency of taxpayer dollars, and reduces the greenhouse gases emitted into our environment. It is truly a win-win-win for Indianapolis.”  

Mayor Hogsett launched Operation Night Light in 2016, delivering on a promise to lift the 35-year streetlight moratorium endured by residents. Since that time, nearly 27,000 fixtures have been retrofitted with high-efficiency LED lights in neighborhoods across Marion County. Despite the interruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic, AES Indiana crews stayed on schedule, and have met the conversion timeline set forth in the original agreement with the City of Indianapolis.

“Operation Night Light is a great example of how through partnership we can achieve our objectives of improving the quality of life for Indianapolis residents and long-term sustainability of the community,” said AES Indiana President & CEO Kristina Lund. “This is a significant project for our city, and we are proud to be a partner in an innovative solution that is both cost efficient and environmentally sustainable for Indianapolis.”

As cost savings have been realized through the retrofit, the City has approved over 2,000 additional LED light fixtures for installation in areas where more lighting was needed. New lights will continue to be installed through 2025, as savings continue to be reinvested in additional infrastructure. Suggested locations for new lights have been received from neighbors across the city.

“This program has helped promote equity in neighborhoods, as residential streets and corridors throughout Indianapolis have received better, safer lighting,” said City-County Council President Vop Osili. “Although the conversion stage is nearing its end, we’re looking forward to even more LED lights shining the way for residents and visitors.”  

Benefits of LED lighting include increased feelings of safety among residents, as the lights are brighter and clearer for pedestrians and drivers; a cleaner environment, as LED bulbs reduce energy consumption by 50% or more over high-pressure sodium bulbs; and lower maintenance costs, as LED lights have a longer lifespan and require far less regular maintenance than their predecessors.

More information on Operation Night Light can be found here. A map of additional LED fixtures approved for installation is attached. Watch a video about Operation Night Light:

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