Teachers of 5th grade students can receive a state-approved energy efficiency curriculum and a FREE Take Action Kit with energy savers for each student.

How it works

The AES Indiana School Energy Education Program is designed to teach 5th graders the importance of energy efficiency and what they can do at school and at home to make a difference. Teachers receive student guides, lesson plans, classroom activities and energy efficiency kits for students to take home.

How to start

Teachers can enroll by calling 800-939-1329 or by clicking below.

Additional info

The program was developed to encourage teachers and parents to carefully consider energy choices.

The curriculum, developed by the National Energy Foundation (NEF), provides:

  • a teacher guide and folder filled with lessons and ideas;
  • a student activities booklet  with lessons and experiments for hands-on learning; and,
  • a Take Action Kit full of energy-saving items for the student and his/her family to put in place at home. The kit includes LED light bulbs, an LED night light, an energy-saving showerhead, faucet aerators and more.

When the class is done with the lessons, students complete four short survey questions. The responses help us to evaluate this program. Each teacher will receive a $50 VISA® card to use for classroom supplies when 80% of the surveys are returned by the designated date.