Part of AES Indiana’s commitment to expanding its generation resources includes a commitment to solar. Currently AES Indiana Rate REP participants and their project partners have approximately 97 MW of solar projects operating or under development. Currently, there are 36 operating solar farms in Indianapolis, which was ranked fourth in the amount of solar PV per capita of 20 major cities in the 2017 report published by Environment America Research & Policy Center. Indianapolis is ranked behind Honolulu, San Diego and San Jose.

The 9.8 MW IND solar farm at the Indianapolis International Airport.




In the foreground is the 2.8 MW facility at Rexnord. In the distance is the 2.7 MW roof-mounted project at Equity Industrial A- Rockville LLC. Both projects were developed by Melink Corporation.

The nearly 20 MW project at the Indianapolis International Airport is the largest and is comprised of three separate solar farms on the airport's campus.

  • The first phase project, called the IND Solar farm, is a ground-mounted fixed site that generates 9.8 MW and has been operational since 2013. It is the largest airport solar farm in North America.
  • The second phase project is a site with solar panels that rotate from east to west to more efficiently capture the sun’s rays and avoid possible glare for airplane pilots. It has been operational since December of 2014 and generates 7.5 MW.
  • The third phase project is operational and generates 2.5 MW. It was completed in August of 2015.

Other recently completed solar projects include:

  •     1.0 MW at Grocer's Supply
  •     9 MW just northeast of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) track
  •     2.8 MW at Rexnord Industries
  •     .048 MW at Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis (IUPUI)
  •     8 MW at Maywood Solar Farm
  •     3.8 MW Citizens Energy project at Belmont Street
  •     1.5 MW at Citizens Energy's 86th Street location

Recently announced solar projects include: