RCx incentives are designed for quick implementation and rapid return on investment.

Retro-commissioning (RCx) is a process by which existing building systems are optimized to perform as efficiently and effectively as possible. Most often system operating parameters are adjusted for energy-consuming core building equipment such as mechanical systems, digital controls and lighting.

The RCx program incentive aims to help customers understand opportunities to save energy costs within their facility by co-funding a comprehensive RCx Study, which offers valuable recommendations for building systems improvements.

How it works

The RCx program offers incentives to customers and qualified study providers:

  • Customers can earn $0.03/kWh saved by implementing measures identified in an RCx Study.
  • Qualified study providers can earn up to 65% of the total study cost in AES Indiana incentives.

Who qualifies

Target facilities

  • Incentives are geared toward facilities with low-cost or no-cost energy saving opportunities that can be implemented in a short time period and will produce a rapid return on investment.
  • Facilities with the ability to manage and manipulate the building systems with an integrated control system are prime candidates.
  • Buildings already considered "high performing" may not provide savings opportunities significant enough to receive approval to participate, which is based upon a cost-benefit analysis performed on a project-by-project basis.

Study providers

Each study provider must meet minimum qualifications to participate. AES Indiana reviews the application for each study provider carefully to ensure they meet required criteria.

Case studies

RCx incentives can support a wide range of possibilities. Read how these organizations have used them.

How to start

  1. Work with a qualified Study Provider to submit a Retro-Commissioning application for program pre-approval.
  2. Receive program approval and proceed with your RCx Study.
  3. Implement measures identified in the RCx Study and receive program incentives.