CoolCents makes it possible to use less energy in the summer while staying comfortable and in control – and you get paid for it!

How it works

  • CoolCents is an energy management program that rewards customers for enabling AES Indiana to better manage electricity demand during summer months.
  • Enrolled customers receive a credit on their monthly electric bills June through September. This credit is based on the size of your air conditioning system
Tons Monthly Credit
0 - 5 $5 
5.1 - 10 $10
10.1 or greater $15


Who qualifies

  • AES Indiana residential and business customers
  • If you rent/lease your facility, a signed landlord release form is required
  • *To receive a Nest Thermostat E, your business must have electric heat or central cooling, a compatible HVAC system and working Wi-Fi.


New enrollments

How it works


Past participants

How it works

If you enrolled in the CoolCents program before December 2017 and have the original AC switch installed, now is a great time to upgrade your savings as well as your thermostat.

  • If you would like a free Nest Thermostat E, we’ll install one for you*
  • If you do not want or do not qualify for a smart thermostat, we can upgrade your AC switch to the more efficient, 2nd generation smart switch
  • Schedule an appointment to get started