RFP documents and proposal submission guidelines

RFP documents

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

Exhibit D

Exhibit F

Note on selected Excel files for RFP

Additional required Excel files for Exhibit E and Exhibit F, and the Proposal Readiness Checklist can be accessed at:


Password: BESRFP_2023

CAD drawings and related documents

A series of CAD drawing and other documents requested via our Q&A process are available at:


Password: 5nTGG76K5

NDA requirement

*These documents to be provided upon the execution of a one-way signed NDA. Please email the signed NDA (Exhibit B) to AESI-PetersburgBES@sargentlundy.com. In your email, please include the name, company and email address, as required in Exhibit E – Data Form, Schedule H.

Proposal submission

The link below this paragraph provides access to a secure space for proposal submission. Respondents will be required to include a contact name, email address and company name. The uploaded documents will be automatically sorted by this information. Respondents may upload any number of documents but must use the exact same contact name, email address and company name for each upload. Respondents will not be able to see or edit uploaded documents once sent. Submit your proposals at this link:



If you experience any technical issues accessing RFP documentation or submitting documents, please contact AESI-PetersburgBES@sargentlundy.com for assistance. Respondents should not contact AES Indiana directly.

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