AES Indiana is focused on accelerating cleaner, more efficient and cost-effective energy solutions for our more than 500,000 customers.


About AES Indiana

AES Indiana is engaged primarily in generating, transmitting, distributing, and selling electric energy to more than 500,000 retail customers in Indianapolis and neighboring areas, with the most distant point being about 40 miles from Indianapolis. AES Indiana’s service area covers about 528 square miles. They are subject to the regulatory authority of the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. They fully participate in the electricity markets managed by the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO).

AES Indiana is a transmission company member of Reliability First. Reliability First is one of eight Regional Reliability Councils under the North American Reliability Corporation, which has been designated as the Electric Reliability Organization under the EPAct. AES Indiana is part of the AES Corporation, a Fortune 500 global power company with a mission to improve lives by accelerating a safer and greener energy future.


About the all-source Request for Proposal (RFP)

The purpose of this 2023 all-source RFP is to competitively procure energy and capacity by the 2025-2026, 2026-2027, and / or 2027-2028 MISO Planning Year(s) based on the results of the 2022 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) development. AES Indiana is seeking to procure 200-1,000 MW which supports AES Indiana’s sustainability initiatives for air quality, environmental stewardship, green customer choices, and power generation. Competitive proposals in excess of the requested capacity may also be considered. AES Indiana is interested in both the transfer of existing or new assets (ATAs) and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) for all viable technologies to fill this potential capacity need. PPA durations may be as short as five years and as long as 30 years.

This RFP is intended for energy and capacity and generation resources, preferably within or connected to, the AES Indiana service territory. Proposals will be accepted for energy and capacity resources greater than 50 MW (and no less than 2 hours duration for storage) including, but not limited to, thermal, wind, solar, battery energy storage, hydrogen, geothermal, biomass, or such combination of energy and capacity technologies. AES Indiana will evaluate capacity resources based on the IRP needs and the MISO’s Seasonal Resource Adequacy Construct. Proposed resources are required to deliver capacity to the MISO Local Resource Zone (LRZ) 6.


About Sargent & Lundy

AES Indiana has contracted Sargent & Lundy to manage this RFP process. Sargent & Lundy is an engineering consulting firm providing comprehensive engineering, energy business consulting, and project services for power generation and delivery systems. Sargent & Lundy will act as an independent third-party consultant on behalf of AES Indiana to execute the RFP and evaluate proposals. Learn more about Sargent & Lundy at


Respondent’s intent to bid in 2023 all-source RFP

Respondents with an intent to bid in AES Indiana’s RFP process may complete the form below by providing the designated contact name, company name, email address, telephone number, proposed technology, project size and contract type.


Include generation and/or storage technologies and fuel type, if applicable.
Provide proposed project capacity MWac (including duration for storage).
Asset Transfer or Power Purchase Agreement (include duration for PPA).

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