Q&A about the regulatory rate review

June 29, 2023

Yesterday, we filed a petition for a regulatory rate review request with the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) to seek a rate increase to cover the rising operational costs associated with serving our customers safely and reliably. One question we’ve received from customers has been about the recent fluctuation in rates.


Memories, powered by AES Indiana

June 12, 2023

AES Indiana is proud to introduce Memories, powered by AES Indiana, a campaign focusing on the importance electricity plays in creating and preserving memories while also highlighting the need for energy efficiency and sustainability.


How we work to protect wildlife

May 31, 2023

At AES Indiana we strive to deliver sustainable, safe, and reliable electricity while maintaining the biodiversity which our communities enjoy.


People behind the power: Phil Sturm

May 11, 2023

Start your engines! Indiana natives know what May brings – the Indianapolis 500, the AES 500 Festival Parade and more! AES Indiana proudly helped kick-off the month by participating in the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon.

AES Indiana

AES Indiana is shining a light on Indianapolis’ Thriving Buildings program

April 26, 2023

The Indianapolis Office of Sustainability is happy to start the first official year of its Thriving Buildings program — the first program of its kind in the state of Indiana. The program has building owners track electricity, gas, steam and water use with their utility costs over time

Understanding the dangers of invasive plant species

April 11, 2023

April is Earth Month, and AES Indiana is highlighting environmental awareness and tree safety around electric utility lines. As a longtime partner, Keep Indianapolis Beautiful (KIB) is joining AES Indiana in sharing educational opportunities this month.

AES’ vision for a net-zero carbon future and how we’re getting there

March 28, 2023

AES’ vision for the future is a world with net-zero carbon by 2050. The Climate Scenario Report we recently published shows that we have the vision for a net-zero future, and the strategy and energy solutions that are critical for getting there

Man changing standard light bulb to an LED light bulb in an indoor pendant lamp.

Efficiency first

March 14, 2023

The demand for electricity in the United States is expected to grow almost 30% by the year 2050. Globally, energy consumption is anticipated to nearly double during that same period. Energy, quite literally, powers our lives. It’s the hub of the wheel of progress from which all spokes of our modern world radiate.

Energy is fundamental for economic prosperity and improved quality of life. It has the power to ease the burden of our labors, bring comfort and enjoyment, improve our health and safety, and transform our lives

The value of mentors

February 28, 2023

Kristina Lund, President and CEO of AES Ohio and AES Indiana, leads the company that provides service to more than a million customers. It’s a weighty role but one that Kristina Lund is prepared for partly because she’s had mentors.

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United Way’s Winter Assistance Fund helps customers in need

February 21, 2023

Our neighbors are struggling this winter to afford their basic needs. At United Way, we’re seeing a growing need that is widespread. We are seeing families who are being forced to make difficult financial decisions that affect their health and their personal needs. And we’re seeing families who need extra support to supplement their budgets to meet these basic needs.

Electric Vehicles: Top 3 AES Indiana Customer EV Questions

January 23, 2023

Electric cars have come a long way since the sleepy models of yesteryear. Are you considering the switch? Whether it’s the exciting new technology, savings on expensive gasoline or stellar performance, there is a lot to be excited about when you’re ready to go electric. But what if you’re not quite ready? 

Make energy efficiency a New Year’s resolution

January 9, 2023

As we kick off the New Year, resolutions are always a trending topic. Rather than resolve to eat healthier, get organized and be more patient, I’m going to do something totally different: Make energy efficiency a New Year’s resolution. After all, the energy efficiency team sits outside my office, so I hear them talk about saving energy and money and helping the environment. I can resolve to do that – we all can.

AES Indiana

Welcome to the AES Indiana blog

January 3, 2023

At AES Indiana, our purpose and values reflect our dedication to improving lives and making a positive lasting difference in our communities. Our purpose is to accelerate the future of energy, together. Every day, our people and businesses around the world live our values to bring us one step closer to accelerating a greener energy future for everyone.